Children will feel care and affectionate attitude from the first days which spent in kindergarten ”Limpopo”. We appreciate the individuality of each child, we apply a flexible approach to learning, which allows each child to develop in accordance with their abilities to full disclosure of potential abilities. In the kindergarten ” Limpopo ” has created a creative, developing and comfortable environment for children. 

The educational program is aimed at the formation of a common culture, development of physical, intellectual and personal qualities, the formation of prerequisites for learning activities, ensuring the social success, preservation and strengthening of children’s health.

Kindergarten is open 6 days a week, from 8:00 to 18:30 hours.
There is also a part-time group from 8:00 to 13:00 hours.


Educational activities are carried out during independent daily routine of children and the organization process of various activity types. Caregivers regularly diagnose the development of each child and discuss the results with their parents.

·         Familiarization with the environment

·         Speech development 

·         Literacy training

·         Fiction classes

·         Physical education

·         Swimming

·         Music, dance

·         English 

·         Russian

·         Mathematics

·         Graphing activities (drawing, modeling, applique) 

·         Designing

·         Etiquette and behavior 

·         Needlework

·         Classes with a psychologist 

·         Excursion

Classes are held in English and Russian. ”Limpopo” Kindergarten is aimed at in-depth study of the English language.


The doctor monitors the health of children, necessarily present at the morning reception of children, observes every child during the day and carries out planned medical examinations. 

Psychologists conduct psychological support during training, organize sessions of correction of children and parents personal and family behavior.

The kindergarten organized 5 meals a day. The ten-day menu is specially designed for children. The diet contains all the necessary nutrients and elements that are important for the growth and development of children. Meals are cooked in the special food block of the kindergarten. Our specialists strictly controls the quality of incoming foods. Meals are prepared by specialized chefs having experience in kindergartens.


Kindergarten area is closed, guarded, equipped with alarm system and video surveillance system. There is organized transport for children, to kindergarten and back home on comfortable buses equipped with seat belts.

                                            Game room

The game zone is the place where every child can find something very exciting for himself; dry pool, modern toys, developing material and much more.


On the territory of a kindergarten there is small area with a bright look , which is equipped with exciting and developing details.